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Why Should You Choose Universal?

You should know that you have a choice when it comes to home health care and hospice care providers. Ask your physician for a list or ask for Universal Home Health & Hospice Care by name.

Home Health Care - Restoring Health, Safety, and Independence

Patients recovering from an illness, surgery, or coping with a chronic health problem are apt to feel more at ease and recover more quickly in the familiar surroundings of home.

Universal Home Health & Hospice Care provides specially trained professionals who collaborate with your physician to develop and implement a treatment plan that meets your individual needs.

Offering skilled nursing care, physical, speech and occupational therapies, medical social work and home health aide services, Universal Home Health & Hospice Care will care for your loved ones wherever they call home.

What is Home Health Care?

Home health care is a collection of medical services provided by a team of compassionate, multidisciplinary professionals. These services are provided in the privacy and comfort of your home. To qualify you must be under the care of a physician, require the skilled services of a registered nurse or therapist, and in some cases, be home-bound.

Hospice - offering Comfort, Dignity, Love, and Respect

Hospice is not about dying. Hospice turns illness into an inner journey by committing to the highest quality of care. Hospice is for patients diagnosed with six months or less to live. Hospice can make those final days a blessing by helping patients focus on what matters most: family, nature, art, ideas, and the meaning of comfort. As the end comes near, many hospice patients probe some of life's most intimate questions: Who am I really? Who do I love and have I loved well? What do I believe in, and has my life really mattered?

  • Hospice is based on the belief that every life matters, so it takes a number of steps to give unparalleled care. Hospice focuses on medical and personal comfort for people in the last months or days of life.
  • We call hospice care "comfort care" because our doctors and nurses help patients with physical symptoms like pain, nausea or breathing difficulty. Home health aides help with practical needs like eating, bathing and making sure patients can rest or move around safely. Trained volunteers run errands or visit patients to give families a break.
  • Hospice counselors, including social workers and chaplains, help patients and their loved ones find emotional and spiritual comfort.
  • Our comprehensive hospice care includes bereavement care for family members of hospice patients for a year after a patient's death. This support helps families cope with grief and adjust to new lives after loss.

In short, the entire Universal Home Health & Hospice Care team focuses on providing comfort so patients and families can live as fully as possible. It offers public education on end-of-life care. And hospice make life's final passage that much gentler by helping people to face the end at home. It's the best place to say goodbye.

What are the advantages of hospice?

Hospice treats the patient instead of the disease, focuses on the family instead of just the individual, and emphasizes the quality of life instead of its duration.

It all begins with people who care about you

Our history of home health and hospice care began in 2006 and today, our caregivers are the best in the region, having passed extensive FBI and OBI background checks/screenings, initial orientation, and a thorough internal screening. Additionally, our professional staff is provided with ongoing education keeping them up to date on the latest in patient care and with state-of-the-art technology to document your care. Our dedicated clinical services team is experienced professionals with 309 combined years of experience who are passionate about patient care.

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